In today's market scenario where the customer demands are ever escalating and change is the only constant NEXTOR has always been first mover advantage. Thanks to its appetite to explore new horizons and reach where no one has gone. Not to mention the due importance the company gives to quality, service and its people.


To make sure, that every piece that rolls out of NEXTOR meets its high quality standards. Special attention is given right from the purchase of raw materials to the manufacture of the moulds using CNC and EDM technology.


NEXTOR has always considered its people as its assets. The very reason why it invests from time to time in training and upgrading the skills of its engineers, Technicians, Designers and Managers. SERVICE

Finally, NEXTOR manufacturing facilities and team of professionals are backed by well trained and proactive Customer Service Executives. Further, NEXTOR's strong Dealer network, online information systems and Customer Care Department are always committed to customer satisfaction and take care of every demand and suggestion